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Obviously, one level that makes or breaks your speedrun. This level took me the longest time in my recent speedrun, due to multiple deaths and issues. Some tips for how to progress through that level:

1) Get the 3 keys in the first room you spawn in. Go in this order
- go to the up on the right and go 2 platforms up for the first key
- go back to the up on the right, hop left at the last possible platform to jump on, fall down, get the 2nd key
-clear the board blocking the left up and STAY to the right once it's broken. Wait until sylvester jumps back up and chases you.
-go to the left up and grab the third key. Stay to the right until sylvester walks right, then jump down and back up to get to the warp

2) Go to the far right warp to take you to the ladder area
- go straight up and grab the hammer
- go straight down and break the block that blocks the fourth key. Let sylvester fall onto the warp BEFORE you grab the key. The grab the key and warp at the right moment
- break the blocks and open the door at the end of the blocks to grab a gun

3) fall down
- do a reeeeally quick turn and shoot foghorn, then grab the key. you will not have a lot of time to pull this off, but it'll save a lot of time if you do it
- grab the key at the bottom left, then head for the warp. you do not need the pickaxe

4) the rest of the level is simple. grab the 2 keys by the gunman, go to the warp, fall down, go through the small pipe, level complete.

This level is really hard to get correct. I died a couple times in my last run to this level and thought that ruined my chance to get sub 2 hours. Getting this level done correctly can save a lot of time.

Any other level questions, let me know.