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The one moderator presiding over four (hopefully six soon with this and one more time by @Arkild) times for this game, @SegaJunkieSegaJunkie, has not been active on this site for nine months. His last forum post was two years ago. I submitted a time of about 30:17 for this game on Hard, so I thought I would post it here while I wait for approval.

This was done on a Fusion emulator using its built-in video recording. I never paused emulation during this recording.

And here's a commentated version that proves I only paused emulation BEFORE starting the Fusion recording to move my game window. I moved it a bit on initially starting, but stopped and restarted the Fusion recording for my speedrun submission and didn't move it since:

"Double recording" is so cool! I've got a backup in case one goes wrong.

EDIT: I found out today that I'm actually supposed to wait 14 days before contacting a moderator. It's only been 6.5 days so far, so I'm sorry about that. I need to have patience with games like this with only a few times!

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