English - Good Ending in 7h 12m 34s by MrDankMrDank - 14th place

Re-timed the final segment in splits, and for submission.

Pretty good run - unfortunate Strength.
Low Leena Magic and no Magic Ring for the fort.
Need to practice and be more deliberate for some fights. I just want to X spam
Could have saved 4+ minutes not going for a second burn attempt on Dario (and having to run). Need to re-evaluate the risk/reward of going for that burn chance.
Crazy 96% and 99% WhiteKnight misses.... Thanks game ?

Nice Dragon God adaptation - still need to practice it.
Happy with the decisions I made, but room to improve for sure.

Played on PlayStation [USA] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by MrDankMrDank on

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Name Duration Finished at
-Karsh & S+P 20m 14s 000ms 20m 14s
{I'm S! [0:28]}Solt + Peppor 6m 26s 000ms 26m 40s
-Ketchop 10m 20s 000ms 37m 00s
-Neo-N-Bulbs 8m 20s 000ms 45m 21s
-Marcy 5m 31s 000ms 50m 52s
{Viper Manor [0:57]}Lynx 6m 03s 000ms 56m 56s
-Polly 24m 17s 000ms 1h 21m 14s
-Fargo 1m 46s 000ms 1h 23m 00s
{Ghost Ship [1:30]}Dead Head 9m 03s 000ms 1h 32m 04s
-Solt + Peppor 5m 36s 000ms 1h 37m 40s
-Fire Dragon 3m 03s 000ms 1h 40m 44s
{Fire Mountain [1:43]}Three Devas 3m 43s 000ms 1h 44m 27s
-GiantGloop 9m 56s 000ms 1h 54m 24s
-Taurusoid 4m 52s 000ms 1h 59m 16s
-SonOfAGun 5m 22s 000ms 2h 04m 39s
-Bunyip 5m 46s 000ms 2h 10m 26s
-Gen. Viper 3m 33s 000ms 2h 13m 59s
{Fort Dragonia [2:15]}Lynx 2m 07s 000ms 2h 16m 07s
-Radius 16m 22s 000ms 2h 32m 29s
-Sage 22m 40s 000ms 2h 55m 09s
-Wight Knight 10m 52s 000ms 3h 06m 02s
{Open the Dead Sea! [3:10]}Garai 4m 03s 000ms 3h 10m 06s
-Highwayman 5m 59s 000ms 3h 16m 06s
{Dead Sea [3:25]}Miguel 10m 14s 000ms 3h 26m 21s
-Roachester 22m 06s 000ms 3h 48m 27s
-Hell's Cook 3m 47s 000ms 3h 52m 15s
{Save Riddel [3:55]}Grobyc 7m 06s 000ms 3h 59m 21s
-Solt + Peppor Dead Isle 13m 47s 000ms 4h 13m 09s
{Mastermune [4:25]}Dario 24m 52s 000ms 4h 38m 01s
-Earth Dragon 13m 33s 000ms 4h 51m 35s
-Water Dragon 6m 38s 000ms 4h 58m 13s
-Tyrano 19m 52s 000ms 5h 18m 06s
-Green Dragon 2m 48s 000ms 5h 20m 54s
-Fire Dragon 7m 27s 000ms 5h 28m 22s
{Dragon Relics [5:16]}Sky Dragon 3m 59s 000ms 5h 32m 21s
-Mega Starky 10m 57s 000ms 5h 43m 19s
{I'm S!... Again[5:35]}Dark Serge 6m 33s 000ms 5h 49m 53s
-Vita Unus 11m 53s 000ms 6h 01m 46s
-PolisPolice 3m 43s 000ms 6h 05m 30s
{Chronopolis [6:00]}Fate 12m 11s 000ms 6h 17m 42s
-RoyalJelly 9m 00s 000ms 6h 26m 42s
-Terrator 4m 47s 000ms 6h 31m 29s
-Pyrotor 8m 08s 000ms 6h 39m 38s
-Anemotor 5m 54s 000ms 6h 45m 33s
-Gravitor 2m 37s 000ms 6h 48m 11s
-Luxator 3m 23s 000ms 6h 51m 34s
-Aquator 2m 51s 000ms 6h 54m 26s
{Terra Tower [7:00]}Dragon God 10m 15s 000ms 7h 04m 42s
{Chrono Cross [7:10]}Time Devourer 7m 52s 000ms 7h 12m 34s
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