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I thought of a 4 players roles distribution and strat.
It's a first try so feedbacks are very much appreciated.

1- Scout (Dashy Joe Perk)
Role: runs to the end of the level as fast as possible. Clear the ennemies at the end level.
Stays nearby the end level door.

2- Pirate (Springy Perk)
Role: Searching for crates/chests in the whole level

3- Tank (Swordsman Perk)
Role: Player focused on melee damages.

4- Hunter (Archer Perk)
Role: Long range attacks focused player.

-A Pirate should always be accompanied by a Tank and a Hunter.
-For the first few levels they’ll try to find the most items and blessings possible.
-The Scout is here to secure the end level as he can revive his teammates by entering the next level if everyone else is dead.
-Pirate/Hunter and Tank should be able to adapt their speed according to the grind needed.
-The first few levels should be pretty well grinded, and then it’s getting faster as we should be able to deal and take enough damages.
-Scout should be given the most powerful magic items as his role would be to play as a sorcerer during Bosses fights.



It's really cool to see a plan for a co-op speedrun. I never even gave it a thought before.

It took a while, but I have an idea on how I would build my team. Maybe this will give you some ideas too.
Take these with a grain of salt as I've never played Caveblazers in a co-op mode.

1. Vampire (+1% damage for every 1 health the character has)
Role: The main character and a damage dealer. Others are mostly for support.

2. Brimstone
Role: Turns every health shrine into a blood shrine and blood shrines cost 5 health to use.

3. Trader
Role: Free upgrade.

4. Runemaster
Role: Runes from bosses.

- This is a team created to get as much damage output as soon as possible.
- Get items from the first two levels, but otherwise always run for the next level. Run, run, run.
- A good weapon, preferable ranged, should be upgraded on the altar of the second level and given to the vampire. (Trader for one free upgrade)
- Brimstone activates every blood shrine with 5 health each, but the vampire will be the one to take the blessings.
- Runemaster as a perk makes bosses drop runes on death and that gives many opportunities:
• Shield Runes + Boost Runes = more permanent damage (for the vampire)
• Demon Runes for max health and Health Runes for current health (equals more damage for the vampire)
• Surge Runes stack, so in the best case scenario the vampire would get +40% on both attack damage and attack speed for the last boss (all forms of it) from Surge Runes alone.
- On speedrun most of the time is used on bosses and with enough damage output almost every boss will be dead in no time.