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Because of characters being named differently in Swedish/Finnish they will be referred to by profession. The guy in the mist is just called spooky guy.

Garden - Viola - ?
Kindergarten - Mia - ?
Baker - Birgit - ?
Priest - Sigge - ?
Spooky - Svate Sven - ?


Airplane (end of run)

- Diving Suit
- Diving Helmet

Diving Helmet

- Weed Thresher (from finishing dog quest)

Dog quest

Get a random call which is available after having the following:

- Diving Suit
- Level 4

Level 4

- Built 12 boats total (changing a piece and putting in water counts)
- Have map piece from Baker
- Have water tank from Kindergarten
- Have navigation thing from Kindergarten (requires pews, get from turning in 2x bibles. Do not visit Kindergarten with pews on your first visit, or you'll be softlocked out of getting the piece)

Baker Map Piece

- Get a random call which is available after visiting Garden

Diving suit

- Have map piece from Spooky Man


Big thanks to MrBrax for providing decompiled source code, without him we would never have figured out what the flags were!

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