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- Some words are spelled wrong with: "Dificult" and "Caracter".
- The "easy" difficulty setting when sending a run is not present.
- The game does not have "In-game time" as shown in the options when sending a run.
- In the category 100% lack puts the "Tsutomu" in the rules only so personnel do not go unnoticed and make the category in the wrong way for the other runners.


I'm talking about this and not the game itself.


"Easy you only Use Dpad in my opnion is meme for speedrun and all Current runs in The Leadboard has done in Hard Incluiding me"

Ok, but even so the correct one is to put the difficulty "easy".


I ignored the IGT and that's why I made this post to know why my run is not appearing because of it

Do you understand now?

And what about your discord? https:/​/​imgur.​com/​yiW1wRI
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