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Hi DK28 and/or jeffsledge. Myself and greatjhon are starting a Bonk's Adventure grind. Would you mind considering rule proposals? First - Timer start and stop (pressing run and loss of control). Second - emulators allowed such WiiVC, BizHawk and mednafen with turbo as 2 on, 2 off.

Thank you for the consideration. If you would like to discuss further we can move the conversation to the Bonk's discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​vEBQeEv


The guy who has a time on this leader board I am pretty sure has either been inactive for quiet some time, I don't even know if he does anything in terms of Speedrunning anymore, and idk about Jeff's participation on this board truly other than verifying runs honestly.

I have considered running this game, these LB are very off-putting though ofc.

I cannot say for sure but it does seem like DK28 uses turbo for his run, he also absolutely 100% uses VC even though it wasn't uploaded as such. I have searched the comments and his video quiet a bit for answers, and have tried contacting him with no response yet (this was probably about a year ago now) so as far as defining rules go, I would say you should either do it yourself, or we should probably just restart the LB at some point some how because the integrity of the boards atm is so questionable.

We can also try contacting DK again ofc although I am not sure this will result anything other than the same as before.


I would consider picking Bonk up again though, and if you are working on stuff you could feel free to post up in here, I will try to participate as much as possible.