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Would you guys mind starting a co-op category even if you want to hide it in misc?
If you want to wait until the run is posted that's fine.
Ill try to talk to people on the discord etc in the comong days about this as well.


A leaderboard is not for personal challenges. If you define a good ruleset and you get more people interested into running BoF3 co-op(that's the important part) there'll be no problem in creating a category.


We had a co-op category year ago. it was same rule as any% on runner did child part then 2nd one did adult part.
We decide to remove it because only one run were submit and it's kind of a fun category.

So just do run and then maybe we will discuss about redo the category.


yeah do your run and go on discord to ask about it
the most important is to have pleasure about speedrun 🙂


Oh, i will have a lot of fun for sure. Bof3 is one of my favorite games.

I really don't understand why this site doesnt allow certain categories though. If I complete a speedrun then it is complete, yknow? its not like it doesnt exist and its not like im trying to do a completely random category like 'Unlock Bunyan's Ultimate Skill%' or something. I dont get why some people dont like to open up leaderboards. But rules are rules I suppose.

Anyways, im a big supporter of zheal and neoslash and definitely dont want to come off as bitchy or needy so I will accept anything you decide. Either way, thanks for the feedback. Ill head into the discord soon when i can and im very excited for my playthrough.


Ps: looks like youre pretty awesome too soma 🙂


Playing a single player turn based RPG co-op as a speedrun is not much more "meme-y" than "Unlock Bunyan's Ultimate Skill%". Leaderboards are not "Honorable Mentions" they're a tool to compare the PB's of multiple people in a competitive nature. A leaderboard for one or two people makes not much sense, there is not much to compare. Ofc BoF3 has some leaderboards that only have one or two runners but those only exist because they're legit main-categories like any% and 100% just on other platforms and localizations.

That being said, don't get discouraged by the fact that this may not get a leaderboard, have fun with your run and definitely keep us updated on the BoF3 discord. I, and I am sure other people too, would love to see a nice co-op run.

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