Any% (Hard) in 27m 20s by delcake - 4th place

I've decided to come back around to working on Hard mode, and finally got something after multiple runs coming within a few seconds of a PB. Claimed some time back from Harvester, but ended up falling behind in other areas again.

Played on Nintendo 64 [USA] on

Submitted by delcake on

Verified by livelyraccoon on

Name Duration Finished at
Untouchable Treasure 2m 08s 539ms 2m 08s 539ms
Take a Bath! 0m 36s 457ms 2m 44s 997ms
To Have or Have Not 2m 18s 079ms 5m 03s 077ms
Winged Guardian 1m 18s 644ms 6m 21s 721ms
Switches and Bridges 1m 00s 471ms 7m 22s 193ms
Vs. Artemis 0m 37s 165ms 7m 59s 358ms
Pump it Up! 1m 19s 739ms 9m 19s 098ms
Sewer Savage 1m 04s 733ms 10m 23s 831ms
Hot on the Trail 1m 15s 597ms 11m 39s 429ms
Vs. Orion 0m 35s 726ms 12m 15s 155ms
On the Right Track 1m 16s 971ms 13m 32s 126ms
Hot Avenger 1m 09s 864ms 14m 41s 990ms
Blizzard Peaks 2m 05s 395ms 16m 47s 386ms
Vs. Regulus 0m 39s 525ms 17m 26s 911ms
Shiny Sippery Icy Floor 1m 42s 970ms 19m 09s 881ms
Cold Killers 0m 56s 307ms 20m 06s 189ms
Go for Broke 1m 53s 553ms 21m 59s 743ms
High-Tech Harvester 1m 35s 314ms 23m 35s 057ms
Trap Tower 2m 34s 471ms 26m 09s 528ms
Vs. Altair 1m 11s 378ms 27m 20s 907ms