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For future reference, could someone explain the version differences? For all the clueless boys/girls out there.

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It's been a while since I've ran this, but here's a couple I remember
-In Tahu 1, PS2 can quit and load out of the "spawn rahi" cutscene
-In Tahu 1, GCN can easily avoid a textbox by the first Nui-Jaga that PS2 cannot
-Onua skip is slightly different, iirc it's slightly faster on GameCube

The other thing I've noticed is that PS2 will have mid-level loads that I don't ever remember encountering on GameCube. I'm not sure how outside level load times compare. Haven't tested any other versions, everyone seems to run on one of those two

Oh, and I think Dustiel said PC version can't skip the opening cutscene in Tahu 1


PS2 can do the text box skip at the Nui-Jaga, it's just that it's a bit precise due to different collision detection between the versions. PS2 is the only one with "unique" collision whereas GCN, Xbox and PC versions are more or less the same version, thus having similar collision detection. This is also what affects Onua skip.

PS2 is also complete garbage so it needs to stop in the middle of Onua's and Lewa's levels to load the next chunk every now and then.

One very unique difference is that the Xbox version played on the Xbox 360 has the very interesting property of unlocking its framerate here and there. The game literally goes at double speed at some spots and it's really dumb.

Generally speaking, for speed, aim for NTSC region. As far as what console, I don't know, I just know PC seems to be the slowest, ironically enough.