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Hello Moderators!
I have not done any official speedruns on this site and am new to the community.
I wanted to know how difficult it would be to create a new category for A co-op% run for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
If you could let me know how that all works or point me in the right direction if i am in the wrong place I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


there is some concerns with co-op as of this point in time, being that the most optimal way to play co-op right now would most of the time involve the second player not playing, I've thought about starting the game in 2p mode and disallowing the second player from being taken out of the game, but that also removes most of the skips, and i think komrade disagrees with the idea.

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thing is if you can delete characters than it'd just be faster if we just kept the second character out most of the time, like i could just resubmit my any% to co-op and it would still be a good run


i think what he means for the category of co-op% is two players playing from start to finish without deleting or importing characters. which would be pretty dank if you could get two runners in the same room to play together


i know it sounds boring but the problem is if you allow deleting and importing, its just the exact same as the solo run, and it'd be better to leave player 2 out because of bull rush


My brother and I plan on submitting a co op no import nlm.

I haven't seen a co op tab, am I missing something?


I would recommend joining the discord to get quicker responses, ill make the category, but id like to see the run if possible beforehand


alternatively you can submit the run to any category and i will than watch and verify it than create the category to go with it