Xbox version the code X(4), Y(2), X, Y, X(3), Y lets you have the fastest death animation for each character. With Spongebob he always brakes into loads of pieces.
Found by me (04/02/2020)

Codes in which the bus stop and whistle sound plays. The effects of the code are still unknown.

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Just tested this and yeah it looks like it guarantees Spongebob's death animation as just him breaking into pieces.

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If you enter it again after it should then start playing the other animations again. Thanks for verifying this. Also If you can try it with Pat or Sandy and see if it works for those two. Then let me know.


Patrick doesn't have the same death animations all the time, but they are fast. Same with Sandy, but she has slow death animations. Will try to post a video of this later. It's late and I have to sleep lmao


Found out that this isn't anything new, it's a code that just guarantees shrapnel death for Spongebob. Gamefaqs doesn't have it listed on their site, but other sites for cheats on this game do.


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how the hell did you find this? seems a bit odd to me how someone randomly activates a new cheat uand then remembering exactly what buttons you pressed and then realising instantly that it guarantees a death animation. seems a bit off to me

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This code on other sites came up as ??? X(3), Y(2), X, Y, X but I tried and it didn't work so I figured it out as n the first post and. I have added it to with my account