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Alrighty looks like we need to talk about the future of the run!

Currently it's not out yet and we might have to wait until the game is out to see how these "original episodes" go in regards to affecting the speedrun. I'm personally probably not coming back to running the game even when it does come out, but i'm more than happy to keep moderating the leaderboards. We'll need to figure out as a community what the best course of action towards these new missions are. If they're a seperate menu option do we make them their own leaderboard? If they come after the end of the current run do we add them to the current Any%, or do we split the current Any% and make a new category - something like Season 3%? Or maybe even branch it off and make it its own leaderboard?

We'll likely need to wait till July to figure out what the best course of action is, but let me know your thoughts


Ok after getting my hands on this today gonna have to request a little bit more time before Leaderboards are set up. The new Final Battle stuff is thankfully seperated into it's own thing, so there will likely be a Final Battle Any% and a Final Battle 100%, with how the levels are seperated and segmented.

The thing that I need time to determine on is whether the new stuff affects the campaign in any way. If the new stuff (weapons, transformations, abilities any of that jazz) then we'll need to get up a new Leaderboard to seperate it so that it stays fair. It is an expansion but it looks like some of the new OP weapons might be traversable to the original story, hence why I need a bit of time sorry!


I don't see the leaderboard anywhere? Is it still in process?


Yep. Will be a couple of days i'm afraid. Please sit tight, being worked on 🙂


Sorry for the delay, went to ESA and then had some horrific news about my Grandmother's health. Expect an update near the end of this week!

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Whilst I get things set up on the board side of things, I'd love to get your input on how you want the leaderboards set up for the expansion's story content. Here's my current thoughts:

Character Episode Any%: By doing the Scout Regiment story you can actually pick up in the middle of the 104th Cadets story (with the 5th Episode - The Final Recapture Campaign) and go to the end of that storyline for the first credits sequence (so ending on To The Ocean in the 104th Cadets Story.)

Character Episode 100%: This would be every level (including the Battle Outside the Walls episodes) on all 3 storylines.

Let me know your thoughts on this, or if you have any other ideas on how you want it split up.


Hello froob, can you make thé categorie for aot2 final battle ? You are the only one who can do it


I'm afraid not, for multiple reasons.

Whilst it's an expansion to this game it changes things up heavily in gameplay. Runs of Final Battle are different to runs of AoT 2 and putting them on this board is unfair to base AoT 2 runners and renders all of their runs null and void. All of the extra benefits of Final Battle are brought over to the base gameplay of OG Attack on Titan 2 (This board.) This includes and is not limited too:

-Extra Equipment
-New Weapons that the original base game cannot get, some of which are far more powerful than those attainable in the originals run
-The extra attacks with thunder spears and miniguns.
-Guns. And their different (and slightly faster) movement option
-A bonus set of money at the start of the game to use on weapon and gear purchases and upgrades that the original game cannot get.

I have been asked by multiple people to set up the leaderboards for Final Battle and as i've stated to them I just don't have the time to give it the love and attention it needs to set up the same categories as this, whilst also adding extra categories based on the new content (Like Season 3's story) I have the time to manage everything I currently have, but I cannot do it for the new board. Not one of those people who I messaged back took on the responsibility of setting up the board.

If you want a place to submit runs for Final Battle you'll have to request the board yourself and be the moderator via this link:


I have a question, is surpassing the game the only category for this game's speedruns? I have a little community that surpassed a certain mission, more specifically "Second Victory", the last and most difficult DLC mission, on inferno mode. My friends and I upload videos about it on YT. It would be nice to have a leaderboard on that too, if possible.

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