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Hey, Arma 3 Player and Speedrun afficionado here,
How is the routing going for this?
We played around in our community 3 yrs ago and we found out that if you hit the speed button in a specific window before entering the chopper right at the start, it will fasten up even through the scripted "cutscene" flight.


Basic Rules With Basic Routing Nothing Fancy. We Have Never Been Looking For Any Bugs Or Anything Similar. If You Could Maybe Upload Video With This Trick And Explain It Better. Thanks For Tuning In, I Hope To Hear From You Back In The Close Future.
Best Regards,


I did not find any of those recordings anymore as they are very old.

Alright I will try to explain.

At the beginning cutscene you walk towards the chopper. And once you get on the chopper normally the game will slow down (if you accelerated).
Anyhow, if you press the speed-up button in a specific window when entering the chopper, the flight will speed-up while the text will scroll normally.

What I also know about LVL 1 is that once you find the fucked up truck in the middle of the road after radio communication is finished you can walk towards the enemy spawn. They will be loaded in, but immobile. I recommend a safety save here as fighting those is pretty crazy @4 times speed.

I never really finished any level tbf this game has way too much rng. If you ever wanna chat about this you can normally find me daily in our Arma3 unit Teamspeak (

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