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Yo, I wanna learn this category but I don't want to grind for the Creaking Skull (not until I get good). Is there a route that doesn't use it?

theres a manipulation to get creaking sull every time and its not too hard.
It would also speed up your time by a good amount.
Would recommend doing it.
There are also manipulations for the other souls that are required that you should learn as well.


Getting Creaking Skull or not doesn't really affect the route it just affects the strats you do on some bosses. It saves like 45 seconds so it's recommended to get it but you don't have to.


Also if you're learning Glitchless I recommend learning the 3 shop route to start off with. (visit shop before death and buy War Fatigues and 9 potions there, visit shop after death, sell all items except war fatigues and left over potions, buy more high potions, visit shop after graham, sell eversing, buy more potions/mind ups)


if you don't like manipulation watch my run oldroute%