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I want to do a full game speedrun, but before I'm going to do that I have some small questions regarding the rules:

Can I switch between RoR1.0 and RoR1.0a whenever I want? There seem to be some small differences between both versions and for some missions I might prefer 1.0a.
I probably end up doing some missions not in the proper order, but of course I will eventually complete all missions.

Also, changing game speed and using saving/loading is fine right?!
  Super modMhmd_FVC
1) Yeah, but the thing is, there aren't really any scenarios for which switching between 1.0 and 1.0a would be worth going through all that for. 1.0a has a glitch that crashes the game upon loading a save with a projectile in it, so what I did was go RoR1.0 through the whole thing and then switch to 1.0a for the final RoR demo campaign, since that one crashes upon loading on 1.0 for some reason. (I don't even know if those should be included, technically, but that's the way it's been).

2) Yes.
Ok thanks for the reply!
I'm familiar with the save glitch. It just felt like the computer AI behaves slightly different since I installed 1.0a. Like in Pompey yellow villagers creating a different city layout, and in 'Opening Moves' less aggressive villagers. But perhaps these things were just a fluke and it won't happen again. (Or perhaps 1.0c ??)

I guess I'll just start with that demo campaign on 1.0a and then stick with version 1.0.

And yes, I had never seen those campaigns. First time I saw them was during your WR run.
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