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I was tinkering around with Glitchless as I plan on doing attempts soon. I know Wiggling and OoB are obviously out, and I'm assuming Falling Pit glitch and those weird doors in the Caves. But what about moving over pits akin to pit skip?

Typically it's not really useful in Glitchless, but there's one example I was thinking where it could be used.

Personally, while I have no issues with it, I will probably be avoiding it (rather have less runs die to trying to get cute anyway). But I was wondering what people's thoughts were on it. It's kinda gray in that you're just technically walking in between a tight space between the pits, but I could see where a casual viewer may have issues even if the potential benefits are small.


it's also possible to pit-wiggle across larger open pits (though very input-heavy), like the ones somewhere in the labyrinth. i'm not sure that the appearance of them being individual pits in cases like the example above actually corresponds to their collision; i would wager that they're just "pit tiles" like a completely empty one, but decorated, and that the pit skip movement isn't so much about walking the line, but something weirder (that admittedly i don't understand).

i'd lean towards not allowing it, but i'll ask the devs about it. i'll also wait and see if frenzied_coder has anything to add before going and changing any rules.

btw, do you have discord? there's a speedrunning channel in the discord linked in the sidebar, it's quite helpful for discussions. you don't have to join, just might be a bit real-time than src forums.

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Interesting. Now that you mention it, I think I remember something about Lifning back years ago seeing if Wiggling over the Terminal gorge was possible.

Yeah I have Discord, haven't used it for years now but I'll join once I get a moment.

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