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Hi guys,
Yesterday I found a new glitch that can make the 500 coins category faster.
It’s a glitch that lets you start with a radio activated in the very beginning of the run, so you can collect a lot of coins and a magnet in the first 5 seconds.

How to do it?
You have to set up a run where you find the radio. After touching the radio, you need to pause quickly and start a new run. The new run starts with the radio packs falling near you, you can't catch them all but you can catch most of them if you jump to slow down.

This glitch is 100% consistent and easy to pull off. Your timing doesn’t need to be precise, you have 1 second (or even 2, depending on your speed) to pause the game after touching the radio. If you pause too late, less radio packs will spawn in the new run. After pausing, the radio is stored and you can do what you want: change your character or your biome, you will start with the radio anyway.

I beat my own record with this glitch, here is the run:

Radio Conservation works on Android and iOS, thanks Oetam for testing it. Can you test it on PC too?

To me, this glitch makes 500 coins way more fun and less RNG reliant, since it reduces the amount of luck needed to collect 500 coins. The setup isn’t even tedious, because you can use a dead run to setup the next one. So if it works on PC too, I think this glitch should be allowed.
What do you guys think?

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Just tried it on PC it does work.

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I, myself, this is a reasonable glitch and should be allowed. Let’s wait for the others to tell us what they think.

Edit : Oh I’m stupid, I’m the only moderator. 😄
It IS approved !

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I think this glitch adds depth to the run and is cool. I’m all for it.

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