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Yikes I'm old.

Congratulations to the speedunner who just got the new record!

This game never had a proper sequel. I would love a modern game with a strategic layer interwoven with an action layer.

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I'm old too. I remember renting this (and later buying) when it first came out. I was in high school. It was in the first group of games to be released for the Super Nintendo, back when there were not that many Super Nintendo games that could be rented.

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Thank you, @llimitus - it was my favorite game growing up. Same as dunnius; rented it and then had to get it.

I will say I never played ActRaiser 2 until this year however I do enjoy it, too. It's not the sequel you might have been wanting but it's still a great game if you treat it separately.

Maybe one day we'll see a proper release of platforming/sim combination - before we're TOO old.

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