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After seeing the improvements in ILs, and the fact that scripts have to go off anyway before a mission finishes, should the standard be RTA or IGT? I'm more of a campaign runner but it's still possible to get IGT by reviewing a recording and adding up all the IGTs during the mission debriefs.

One example of there being a meaningful difference between RTA and IGT is the current competition going on mission 09, Faceless Soldier. The RTA strategy uses the F-22 and QAMMs because of its relative ease of use and the fact that you can't speed up the script. However the IGT uses the MiG-31 and PLSL because it allows for the player to efficiently shoot down 3 hostile drones before the IFF updates them to be enemies. The IGT clock stops the moment you finish off the final drone even though there's still 20-something seconds of script left to finish.