Because the game is no longer available for download from the creator, you may find the files you need here. (external link)
Last Updated:
This is the new host for the base game. (external link)
Last Updated:
Backup your Game.rgss3a and replace with this one. Differs from the original only in the addition of a convenient on-screen timer, which always shows in-game time. (direct download)
Last Updated:
Updated saves for my most recently created route for All Bosses and Special Armor. (direct download)
These are practice saves I made for my new Any% route, where Cutie Boom is fought before returning to Ponett to shop. (direct download)
Save right before the third boss (Press Z to start battle) (direct download)
Save right before the second boss (direct download)
Save right before the first boss (direct download)
Blank splits to be used for the All Bosses and Special Armor category. (direct download)
Blank splits to be used in LiveSplit for the Any% route. (direct download)
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