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Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'll be pulling the trigger on an N8...but I'm not the most savvy on the computer. Was hoping that maybe someone on here either has one FS or would be willing to do the loading of it for me (paid of course).

Nothing fancy.
Just looking for at least SMB1 and save states.
Splits software, as I understand it, are loaded onto the computer, not the cart correct?
Any other feature I might need to start speedrunning that you could think of I guess - and maybe a handful of other NES games if easy enough? But simple is good.

Also may be interested in a power pak instead/if someone has one or it would be easier. I'm pretty open.

Paypal loaded
pm me or swap emails to workout details maybe?

I'm active on other sites/forums with BST sections - so could provide that feedback/rating info to you you have any reservations.

Otherwise, thanks in advance!


I'd just buy an N8 and ask for setup guides when you have it in hand. It's ridiculously simple these days, and the N8 is the easiest and most well supported now. No one here will help you with finding roms though, that's uh... less than legal.

Livesplit (a timing software) and OBS (a video capture and streaming software) are what most folks use. Both are free, and both run on your computer, not the cart.

Technical stuff might seem a bit daunting, but you will need at least some basic proficiency to start speedrunning. I'd learn how to do it yourself and ask questions here when you run into problems rather than letting someone else do everything. You'll get more out of it and be able to fix your own technical problems eventually. Just my 2 cents.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter, Discord, or Twitch though. Happy to try to help/answer questions.