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So I wanted to request a game, Ragnarok Online, is old enough and leagal to run your own server(Legal loopholes I don't understand), but the thing is, they ask for a 100% run to allow you to request, I don't even know what that means in a game of this scope.
I have tested some ways it could work, like first job change, or race to level 80. Will that make my case or should I push it to a 10-12 houer run to go 99? (I'm testing at x10 rates)
In adition to this, I would like to have a discusion whit people that are interested,on what settings should be the standard, like alowed commands, rates etc...


I don't see anything about 100%

However, in this case since it's a MMO, i guess what you could consider a "full run" would be reaching max level (99/70, or 150/70 in Renewal's case)
When it comes to drop rates, i'd say official would make sense, however in that case that'd be hardcore

It also doesn't help that not everyone has the time to setup a custom server
Imo, you should reconsider this ? I can't think of any way to make this work

Honestly, i loved RO, still do, but i don't think it's gonna work for speedruns, or atleast not without a lot of work (to make it fair for everyone, even those who can't setup their own server)

Also, speaking about first job changes, i wonder how you could do this, since there used to be quests for these, but if you add the Renewal changes, then said quests aren't doable anymore

PS : There's also the DS game, wich would definitly take less time while also showing the good stuff from RO (musics, job system, on top of adding a nice story and stylus features)

PS(2) : Just in case, i've checked for other MMOs, i noticed that WoW was on this website, however from what i see, it seems to be done on official servers ? So again, i'm not sure how you could do this, especially now since even if you had to use official servers, they'd be gone (EU official servers, afaik, aren't a thing anymore, because of something they should have changed regarding user data)


Ok, I gote the wole idea because I found a REALLY easy way to set up a server (5 minutes no skill required. besides download time witch sits at 3GB~ i runned the server on the same PC whitch is mid-low end and is 3-4 years old), the oficial server part I supose comes from a legal standpoint of I would think, thats why I checked, technically we would be runing rathena.

I'm an old dog renewal dien't even croshed mi mind, but think the whole paradise group and linear leveling would defeat the appeal of runing this at less for me.
I figured I coud make a folder whit the server settigs we decide upon and require to start every entry to download and sustitude the folder on camera before firing up the server ther would be still ways to mend whit the database, but that would be easy to spot watching the replay.

I figure you could divide the rates in categories (a bit weird but would work) but i figured something betwen 10-20 would be fine for speedrun purposes, it's the experience most players would have experienced in the day aniway, and it make for reasonable runtimes. I got to wizard on 50 minutes on x10 (and ther was much room for improvement) Geting the full 99/70 would be a weak long run(at very less probably more) I suspect even optimizing every thing thats why i don't see it viable, but more reasonable goal whould be lvl 85 or 90 for long runs have to make more tests but, these are the breakpoints that make sense to me for a long run.

I was thinking that maibe the more fun aproach is just to run untill you kill 1 MVP, i think it have potential for routing a strategy.

Aniway I think whit a bit of work and reserch we can come up with something fun and engaging to run whit this.

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i see

i think showing folder download and installing on video would be too much (too annoying mostly)
if you find a way to make everyone use the same rates (same server, same settings, or anything similar), then you could just have that command in-game that shows exp when you kill mobs

I think doing things this way might be less troublesome, in the long-run it might make things easier as well when it comes to verifying runs

if the rates are the same, then the exp numbers would be the same in every runs (easy to spot people who modified the rates etc)
also, the base exp should be on database (ratemyserver being a very good one), it would be easy to find exp for mobs (if the rate is x10, take the exp from ratemyserver and multiply by 10, for example)

a week-long run sounds really long, but since it's a MMO, it makes sense

i think something fun could definitly be done, if the game is accepted (wich will probably be the hardest part, along with setting up the rules for every run)

i could see First Job or Second Job changes being fun categories, and if the job change quests are doable, there might be some strategy needed for them (for example Monk job change can be difficult if your Acolyte is too focused on the support role)
MVPs would also involve strategy, especially solo

If group-runs were to happen, i think it could be fun to do runs where everyone uses a different base class (Archer, Swordman, Acolyte, Thief, Magician, Merchant)

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The problem of accepting group-runs is the only legal way to do those would be on LAN enviroments because GRAVITY stated "Change the client's official Ragnarok to connect to these emulators is legal ONLY if done for private use, in localhost with address"(this is a translatetion some one else made so I wold not swear by it) I suppose I could try to contact GRAVITY directly whit the issue, they don't seem to mind private servers, but otherwise it seams a little too risky. And is very sad too because even a 2 man run will increse the depth and fun of the run by 1000% you are totally right xDrHellx.

I will check job quests when i'm back on my computer but it seams a reasonable goal timewhise, the more i think about MVP category the more I like it, I will run some tests to see if I can came up whit a decent strategy for the run. And maybe record one run of each to send whit the request.

If some one else wants to fiddle, send me a PM and I will send you the link and instructios to set the thing up.

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best of luck with the runs !
hopefully the game will be accepted on the website :3

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