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It takes 0.86 seconds to pause and check if you got the KT jump. This means that for every KT jump you can save almost one whole second. You perform quite a bit of KTs throughout the entire run.

If a run was done with bufferless KTs only and great consistency, it would save several minutes over the WR.


-:- GALESTORM -- 1m30s -:-

The amount of KT jumps you do to reach the top platform in the Galestorm segment is pretty much exactly 100. 0.86s ¤ 100 = 86s = 1m26s. Ideally you can save 1 minute and 30 seconds by doing bufferless KTs for Galestorm.


Throughout the whole run you do 177 KT jumps. It takes about 0.8s to check for the dash. 0.86 ¤ 177 = 152s = 2m30s.

Bufferless for the whole run saves 2 minutes and 30 seconds over buffering.