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Hello Everyone,

I'm Kromer, i've been speedrunning Mortal Kombat games the past 2~3 years (5 years involved with speedrun in general).
Recently i experienced some moderation inactivity around this leaderboard, which encouraged me to request a spot in here. There will be a little bit of changes around here for the next few days (overall layout improvement and ruleset enhancement based on the community consulting). Any questions and concerns about me, my management methods or the leaderboard in general, don't hesitate to contact me, i'm daily active in and all my social media.

Thank You!

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Any chance of new Speedrun Categories?

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@Tyler_Ry74 Yes, i'm currently having some ideas such as adding "Test Your Luck" and also accepting any suggestions for more categories. However, no major change was done yet, as i'm not a Super Mod so i don't see myself having enough power to do so. Some attempts we're made to contact the current Super Mod Shade667 but i got no response, i'm waiting until he's +3 months inactive to request a legit mod promotion OR bring him here to discuss some leaderboard changes with the community, feel free to suggest any category you see interesting!


We could add Level Leaderboards for each characters Arcade Modes so we can have every character used in speedruns. And keep the current Arcade Mode as Arcade Mode Any% as u can use any character


That's misleading, because the only character that actually has a speed strat is Kotal Kahn and by playing with him you can spot the difference between a speedrun and a casual gameplay, something that not occurs with other characters. I was thinking about adding " only 1 Round per fight" subcategory for both Story and Klassic Tower, so it makes everything twice as fast.

Edit: Nevermind, just made a few tests and it's not possible to play 1 round on both categories.