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I came up with the rules basicly on my own. I am very open to discuss this.

Do you feel something important is missing. Do we start or stop timers at the wrong moment?


Hi, one thing I am unclear about is exactly when timing ends. The "crown is safe" message slooowly appears in via fade, so I am not sure if end time is when you first see the fade begin or when the day sparkles etc. Also, what is the precise difference between clean start and takeovers?


I time when the day appears in the message.

Clean Start is: You start at an island alone, no knights, no archers, no builders from a previous island. Unlockables, like hermits or unicorns are allowed

Takeovers: You finish one island and take everything in that boat with you to then next. Knights, Archers, Builders, Gold, Hermits...


I have a question re: Christmas. There is a seasonal event that can result in large numbers of coins etc, a Santa outfit and a Christmas tree. My suspicion is that the appearance of seasonal spawns could be cheesed by changing the date on one's computer to December 25. My guess is that the coin potential from Santa would provide an advantage in a speedrun. My suggestion would be to ban Christmas themed runs so as to avoid all runners having to alter the time settings on their PCs so that every day is Christmas, and going all-Santa all the time.


Hi knewster,
that is actually a very good point. My research shows, that the developers actually patch the holiday themed stuff into the game and patch it back out after the holidays.
I suggest the following:
It is possible to have “minor” categories for runs, which are a bit hidden. We use these extra categories for holiday themed speedruns (Halloween & Christmas for now). We also ban the holiday themed versions from the major leaderboards.

It could also be worth discussing adding a version number to a run, to make sure that a future update does not mess up the board to much. At the moment I don’t see the need, but there is at least one small update planned before the Two Crowns release later this year.

Kind Regards



I'd like to suggest a new category:

No previous unlocks, or whatever you want to call it. This is only for Island 1. It basically disallows the use of any unlocks or mounts brought from previous gameplay. It would require you to delete the save file (storagge_v34_AUTO.dat) and the unlocks file.

If you want a name for it that aligns, I could suggest "Superclean start."

The restrictions I suggest are:
• No carryovers, no unlocks, no mounts

Required to set sail from Island 1 with the following conditions:
• did not bring carry-overs,
• has not unlocked any island features prior to arriving,
• is riding the default brown horse,
• has a brimming pouch (count doesn't matter as long as it's over the lip before paying to set sail),
• has a full crew complement of archers and builders,
• has activated the signpost, if present,
• has constructed the catapult for the cliff portal side of the island, which requires the highest upgrade of the village in order to achieve.

The most fuzzy thing is going to be the coin pouch, but it's hard to tell your coin count unless you're actually keeping track.

What do you think?


You're welcome to try running it yourself with your rules to see how you enjoy it and share your findings, but considering the other categories for this game rely on having the mounts unlocked you might be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to delete their unlocks file to compete with you. What you're describing sounds about as close as we can get to a hard mode island one run so it definitely sounds interesting though.