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Alright guys, this game has blown up in activity (which I honestly did not anticipate), and I'm at a point in my life right now where I physically cannot be on SRcom often enough to be fair to everyone submitting runs.

I just logged in to 14 notifications, and I feel bad about not being able to be as involved in this as you. However, I think what we need is someone who is committed and able to be more involved to moderate the board and verify runs.

In addition I would like to involve the community in redefining the ruleset (if needed) so that there is no more confusion, and that everyone understands how the runs are supposed to be timed.


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I can help out if needed, I am in too deep to back out now. Rules could be adapted through the active runners comments as well. (quick thing, to end the timer on the 100% run it should stop on the last scoring screen because if you came first in the last tournament you get the golden car along with the other two)

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Sounds good, please add me on discord and we can talk about this further. Davíd#5110