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So since there have never been any defined rules for this category, i have came up with some that would make it easier for new people to understand the differences between normal Any% and this one.

-Timer Starts as soon as the loading screen for On The Job Training appears on screen.
-Split after you press + on the end of mission stat screen
-Timer ends after you skip all cutscenes after defeating Shandor. Including pressing + on the final stat screen.
-The Skip on Under New Management MUST be done, as not doing it prevents any WR attempt.

I also think there should be a 100% category for the Wii/PS2 version as well. If it is added i think the rules should be:

-Same timing as Any%
-Collecting all Art Pages
-Obtaining All Scans
-Unlocking All Unlocks INCLUDING Completing the game on Gozerian Difficulty.

Speaking of the PS2 Version (for new runners) Do not run using this version of the game. For starters the Under New Management skip does not work at all, the game is laggy and freezes constantly forcing you to reset the entire system, load times are also very slow. If you run the PS2 version for some reason, expect your time to be upwards of 45mins to 1 hour longer than a normal Wii run.

During my time running i have noticed some anomaly's with the game.
1. All versions are unpredictably glitchy during Splitting Up (Part of the Return to Hotel Sedgewick) Sometimes. A: the cutscene trigger near the start of the level is bugged and takes forever to trigger preventing any further progression. B: Sometimes the floor to the locked door area fails to load and you fall into an endless abyss. C: some times the aforementioned locked door fails to open after capturing all key ghosts.
2. Only once have i ever seen this happen, but during the level Hot Pursuit (During the Museum section) the doors that are supposed to close and lock never do, allowing you to walk straight through skipping 90% of the level and saving 10 mins during a run. It is also worth noting that this A: occurred on the PS2 version. and B: during a replay of the level. Like i said i have never gotten this to work again.

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