any% in 33m 22s by RetroLottiRetroLotti - 14th place

This is my first submitted run for Gargoyle's Quest and my first run overall.
Had to pause twice but I think the time should be accurate.

VOD timestamps suggest 33:22 real time - tinahacks

Played on Game Boy Color [JPN] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by RetroLottiRetroLotti on

Verified by tinahackstinahacks on


Name Duration Finished at
Ghoul Realm inside 2m 00s 536ms 2m 00s
Towerclimber 5m 42s 012ms 7m 42s
Lord of the fly 8m 45s 307ms 16m 27s
Comb the desert! 4m 12s 612ms 20m 40s
Over the bridge 4m 04s 285ms 24m 44s
Rushifell is pleased 3m 32s 951ms 28m 17s
Darkoan is save! 4m 44s 353ms 33m 02s
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