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Please use this thread to discuss timings

I am compiling a doc of the lap times which will be added together to form an IGT for the sake of comparing which timing method is best for use.

Currently, I have only filled it out for Atomic (since it is very time consuming). However, it shows that despite my RTA being 30 seconds quicker than @CertifiedPyro - they completed the races slightly faster overall

Plase note its 5am and I might have math'd wrong so if you spot an error please let me know.

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Another thing to note: Emulators will give you faster game time for each race as opposed to N64 console. But, emulators will lose 4-5 seconds at the start of every races (except maybe the first race) on loading time for some reason.

Edit: People already talked about that in a different thread, didnt see.