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heya guys ! unlash_ is here again 😃 ,the thread is short but thats the category can be enter on the 1080 leaderboard:

any%=beat the game , timer start after the select board screen and finish after corssing deadly fall redline , you need to do all match races.
100% = beat the game w/ all scores , all tricks , all boards and all charaters in the game (supposed to get all match races) , timer started after selecting the board , and finish after beaten goldman in expert mode and get all conditions

PS: you can't pause the timer on these category.

for the category extensions page:
characters% = RTA concerning one of the 5 characters.
trick attack points = best score in trick attack , including for each maps.
Max%=finish the game w/all characters.
Low%=finish the game w/ the worst characters in the game (ricky and b-scout).
speedless%=finish the game w/o using Z.
Jumpless/buttonless%=finish the game w/o press A.

thx for all of person who support the project 😃 , this gonna be soon 😃


i support the any% and low% and speedless

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