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Time Attack WR bounty on Dragon Cave. Must be first person to beat 1’23”58.


1. Must be on original console
2. Can use any board and rider
3. No emulators nor game shark style cheats allowed
4. Must record video of full run
5. Must better (not equal) current WR
6. First in, best dressed at the time of run submission to this site. Run must be verified but the time stamp of the submission will be used to confirm who is first
7. Bounty ends when WR is broken
8. There’s no time limit at this stage although I’ll consider ending it by end of 2019 if interest isn’t strong
9. Payment will be made via PayPal only.
10. Any controller is allowed
11. Anyone is eligible
12. Everdrive carts not allowed in this bounty - must use original cartridges

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rule me out, i don't have an n64 swag epic


The bounty was claimed 24 hours ago by current champion Bert86, who improved his own time to 1’23”42. Congrats to Bert. New $100 bounties for all courses’ bettered world records at end of 2019 will be posted soon.