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heya guys , just here to announce than i m on the hit for mountain village and after that golden forest. here is the path i think i can improve on these two races :

Mountain village : the mogul jump strat bert did on his 1/28/01. ( 0,5 frame possible saved)
another jump cancel after that. (0,5 frame saved so 1 frame in this area)
no bonk cave. (possibly equal because no losing speed after it and no loss frame)
going left to the cave before fallen down. (1 frame saved)
better position before house shortcut. (1/2 frame saved)

i legitimately estimate with all of these clues i can aim the 1/27/68. but after that i don't know what to do. (i said 58 before but this is a mistake , i don't think we can aim it for the moment)

Golden forest : the jump over the zigzag. (1/2 frame but i think only 1)

i think this one can go for sure to a 1/17/41 , if the zigzag save 2 frame so it will be a 38.

so i would like to give me your opinion over all of the races , if you have any request , test , clues , notice mistakes , don't hesitate to post here or on youtube. here is what i tried over the races :

Crystal lake : Loman carve (0,1 frame lost) no release Z shortcut (0,5 frame gained).
Crystal Peak : release Z momentum (2/3 frames gained).
Golden forest : jumping zigzag (equal but have to be retried again) clutch wall in the beginning shortcut (1 frame gained).
Mountain village : no release Z on the jump bender before entering the cave (2 frames saved) , turner sharp left before exiting the cave (equal).
Dragon Cave : jumping exit shortcut (equal) jump before mountain skip (1 frame gained) jumping before the rock before the bridge (2 frame gained) jump cancel airtime on the bender after the bridge (1 frame gained).
Deadly Fall : jumping after landing moguls (1 frame gained) bert mogul strat (0,5 frame gained) no release Z alcove (0,5 frame gained) mattador jump (0,5 frame gained) short jump pillar (1 frame gained).

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Live ! : https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​sonata_

improving golden forest and some grinding for fun.

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Weekly Multi Segment Result : 3 races improved : Crystal Lake 1/02/20 = saving a frame to the sonata Bonk.
Crystal Peak 1/25/93 = saving a frame to the S bender 2nd turner and another one from sonata Bonk.
Dragon Cave 1/2/73 = saving 2 frames on the mountain cliff.

actual total time : 7/42/91.

these are my estimation over the 6 races : Crystal Lake cannot actually go lower than 1/02/20 (except in match race) with the acknowleged strat from today , its possible than few path like the shortcut entrance/exit can save a fraction of frame.

for Crystal Peak , i estimate 1/25/93 as my best time i can reach on it. everything was improved compared to my precedent performance , but it still possible than my last S bender turner is not quite perfect.

For Golden Forest , its the same but i know i can save a frame over the zigzag part.

For Mountain village , i can save half a frame over the beginning and another half frame from a jump cancel after moguls. my turner on the S bender before entering the cave can be improved by half a frame if i m more close to the right wall on the turner. but its quite difficult to reach the pefect cave since i need to get bonked by the right side on the turner to keep my advance alive. the rest of the run cannot be improved.

For Dragon Cave , i can save maybe 1 frame to the mountain cliff , the wall bounce was perfect on my 73 but the position was really bad , i can save over 2 frames if i improve my jump before the rock leaded to the bridge , the rest of the run cannot be improved.

For Deadly Fall : its quite difficult to see anything to be improved , the 79 seems perfect in all part but the alcove can maybe help , even if i m sure my one was perfect in almost all point (except the exit when i did few useless movement) and apparently i can save a fraction of frame at the 2 jump cancel in the end. who knows but i also reached my limit for a long time.

There is my opinion about the 6 races , i still think i got the actual best possible time on half of the race (CL/CP/DF) so if you have any ideas or question to make feel free !


we've heard this before. I think it would be a mistake to say there is not more time to save on every course


This is not what i said , for me , with the actual acknowledged strategy , for these 3 races , i cannot go lower , but of course this is not the perfect time.
I will also stop to say these useless thing , i think the few active players already know what the situation is.


live ! : https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​sonata_

Crystal Lake research improvement/ 17 or low attemps.


1/22/69 dragon Cave : saved 1 frame to the beginning to a better position piercing the snow floor.

End of the Work of Multi-Segment. total of time taken : 2 Weeks , 1 day and 6 hours. By Sonata. Work on something better.

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