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I was considering running this game and I was wondering if the PS2 version was allowed and if the Wii could be used for the Gamecube version. I haven't done much research on this speedgame yet, but I was wondering if I could get a definitive answer before I move forward.

Thanks! 🙂


Any version of this game can be used to speedrun with! Just as long as it agrees with the rules shown on the leaderboard. The reason all of the current times are on the gamecube version is because it's slightly faster than the PS2 version. The time difference is not that big of a deal, though. PS2 just has slightly slower loading times and a bit more lag. I would recommend clicking the Guides link on the left for a link to my tutorial series if you want a very detailed explanation on every trick in the run.


Also yes, you can play the gamecube version on the wii. That's what I do.


How does the Xbox version compare?


The xbox version actually has more lag than the gamecube version. I'm not sure exactly how much faster it is but i believe it's about a minute faster RTA. Most people play on gamecube because optimal movement is much easier on that version

edit: I wrote a guide about version differences. At the moment the leaderboard goes by Time Without Loads so Gamecube is the best version to run on. In real time, Xbox is faster by a little over a minute. The loading times are faster than that but there are tricks that don't work on that version.

edit 2: We no longer go by Time Without Loads so xbox is most likely 1:30 faster than gamecube (as far as i know)