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Hello all,

I'm thinking of running this game (and maybe Everything Or Nothing) as I know it quite well from playing when I was younger. Thanks FitterSpace for providing the tutorial videos! I'm a beginner and I managed to get an ingame time on "The Exchange" Operative of 2:57. This was without any glitching or clipping out of bounds. Is that good?

Unfortunatly, the only proof I have is a photo taken on my phone of my monitor (lol). I need to find a recording solution for my PS2. I play using an adapter in the audio video port, that has a HDMI output which then plugs into my PC monitor...

Also, is there some sort of Nightfire speedrunnning (Console) community or something? It's good to see people running this game. Thanks!

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Hello! I would highly recommend watching keysstonelight's any% tutorial if you plan on learning any%. His video is more up-to-date than mine. It should be linked on the guides page but if not, you can find it on YouTube. But my videos are fine for No Clipping/OoB since that category hasn't changed much since its creation. Some of the glitches don't work on the PS2 version, but that is irrelevant for No Clipping/OoB since that category doesn't use glitches anyway. Infact, the version you play on really only matters if you're going for a good any% time (under 40 minutes).

Video proof is required for the leaderboards, but video quality isn't an issue. Even a webcam video at 240p is fine, as long as the run can be seen in some way.

There is a 007 speedrun discord but we tend to keep it to runners only due to some toxicity that has happened in the past. But I'm pretty much always online so feel free to @ me on twitter and I'll respond to you. I can also send you a link to my own discord server if you want to talk on there since it's public anyway.

I'm happy to see new people starting to run this game. It's a great game and takes very little time to learn.

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Happy to help a new runner always, hit me up on twitch or twitter or whatever

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I'm still here! I've been super busy in the new year. I hope to get a capture card in the next couple of months and start running! Slow progress, but I want to join in on Nightfire for sure! Slow progress, gonna run offline to practise occasionally!


Sorry NN Doge for highjacking your thread but I'm also a new runner, I'm playing on PS2 (PAL) and the issue I have didn't seem to warrant a new thread so I hope you don't mind me mentioning it here. You're PS2 UK too so you may even be able to help?

I'm looking for some advice on Chain Reaction. TR1 building is fine, I can clip into TR2 building and get to the next load screen okay. The bit I'm having trouble doing is the "Investigate building TR3". You start at the top of some stairs and there is some armour in front of you. You turn left to the end wall and the aim is to clip through, land on a ledge and jump around etc. I can't clip through the wall at all. Every clip up to this point is fine and I have got the hang of pretty quickly. Yesterday I killed everyone here and spend a good 20+ mins trying to clip through trying slightly different things but couldn't get it. I once looked as though I as in the wall put popped straight back out again. Keysstonelight said on his tutorial this is one of the easier clips.

Is this any different to the other clips? Could it be the PS2 version? As you'll know it's a big time saver so could do with figuring it out. I saw the version with the Ronin which I could do but prefer the look of this. I've just read Fitterspace's comment above that says some clips don't work on PS2 so maybe this is one.

P.S. Thanks a lot to Fitterspace, OllieNK and Keysstonelight (+others) for the tutorials, runs online, GDQ and ESA runs. Made the game look great and I couldn't say no once I got my old PS2 from my parents house!


I wish I could help man but you know more than me, I'm a massive noob at this game. I'm gonna try and go for the glitchless / no out of bounds category so I can optimize movement / aim before I try glitching lol. Best of luck!


@davo10008 @nN|Doge

Unfortunately, the PS2 version is different than the GameCube and Xbox versions when it comes to clipping. Most of the clips work just fine, but there are a few tricks that are GC/Xbox exclusive. The clip davo10008 mentioned is possible on PS2, but you can't land on the seam. The seam will always push you off when you land on it. Theoretically, you could do frame-perfect jumps across the entire thing to avoid that, but it will probably never be done. The fastest way to complete Chain Reaction is by using the old Ronin Jump method. I believe my tutorial is old enough to cover that in good detail. I'll edit this post with a link to it when I can. I can't say for sure, but I feel like some of the clips are quite a bit harder on PS2. Although I've only played that version through an emulator.

We need more people to test for version differences on real hardware. It's something that this community really lacks compared to others. I've done a lot of testing for the GameCube and Xbox versions, but PS2 is uncharted territory for the most part. I'm glad you guys are learning Nightfire, especially on PS2.

edit: This isn't a tutorial, but here's a link to Chain Reaction from my All Tokens runs. Ronin Jump saves time in that category so you get to see it in action. Just ignore the tokens, since you don't have to collect them in any%:

You can also check out OllieNK's No Clipping/OoB run. That's a good example of Ronin Jump, but clipping will help you save time over that route.

edit 2: @nN|Doge No Clipping/OoB is a great beginner category. It also helps you practice your movement since that's the only way to get a good time in that category. When you feel comfortable with the movement, I'd highly recommend learning the clipping glitches, at least the ones that are possible on PS2. Like I mentioned earlier, most of them will work, but not much testing has been done with the newer time saves that have been found lately.

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Many thanks for coming back to me. I'll have to get to grips with the ronin method by the sounds of it!

Up to that point in the game I can't see many/any differences in terms of clips etc. but I've been going through chronologically and getting the grasp of it level by level. I'd love to say that's by choice but I'm yet to pick up a ps2 memory card so each time I start I fly through the first 3rd of the game!

I'm new to this but am very happy to explore if you want to know anything in particular. I found during night shift it was difficult (for me) to get from the plant to the lift (elevator). I've since found it okay to clip straight through the left lift so have been just doing that.

In terms of movement I'm not 100% sure I have it down. My controller isn't great and holding top left/right consistency is tough. With in game sound, I think you can tell when you are moving at a good pace.

P.s. I sure keystone goes through it on his tutorial so there are a few examples for me to go at. Thanks again.


You should be able to tell if you're moving quickly by the sound of Bond's footsteps. I quickly wrote a little guide about version differences here:

It doesn't list everything since that's just what I came up with off the top of my head. But that's most of what I can remember. There are a lot of resources for this game. Feel free to reach out to any of the top runners and they're probably help you. Matimbre and callmeliam__ stream on twitch on a regular basis, and i'm sure they'll help you as well.


Good to see this topic is still active, it's very helpful. I plan on buying a capture card and soon. I have an adapter plugged into the audio / video socket on the back of my PS2 which allows me to use a HDMI cable on my PC monitor. What would be the best capture solution?


For my runs, I use a Wii with standard composite cables (the yellow, white, and red cables) plugged into an old CRT TV. I use a splitter so I can capture the video with a capture device. To capture it, I use the ion Video2PC. It's about $50 USD and records up to 60 frames per second with good quality. Since you are in the UK, you're playing on the PAL version, which runs at 50 frames per second. But the Video2PC also supports PAL mode so you're good.

For HDMI, I use an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable. It's a pain to set up properly but it works well once it's set up. I remember having some weird driver issues before I finally got it to work somehow. That was years ago so I don't remember what I did, but hopefully that would work well for you. If you don't plan on streaming to YouTube or Twitch, you could also get an Elgato HD (or the HD60). It's not good for streaming since it has lots of latency, but it's good for recording locally. Anyway, the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable has an HDMI passthrough so you can play on your monitor and record to your PC with a program like OBS, or you can use the included software which works fine for local recording. The Avermedia LGP supports 720p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps. Unfortunately, HD capture cards are pretty expensive. I think mine was about $150 USD when I got it a few years ago.

If you're not able to use a capture card, a webcam works well enough. It's not an ideal solution at all, but any sort of video is better than nothing. Even pointing your phone at the TV would be fine. Keysstonelight used to stream and go for world record attempts with his webcam pointed at his TV. You could probably go back to his highlights on twitch and see his webcam streams.

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i made an updated modern tutorial that shows both advanced and beginner strats, i reccomend watching it

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