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There are a lot of things to go through, I plan on adding the program I'm using to view Xu Yuan's data to the Resources section (once it's more complete). I don't have the Weapons and Armor data yet, but I will soon I hope.

I haven't explicitly asked, but from our conversations this should be the NTSC-U (North American) values.

Please note that values for stats should be divided by 10. They are represented as whole numbers, but for the end user playing the game they are viewed as numbers with one decimal place. HP and SP are not stats, but Attack and Defense are.
Also note: the HP for Databug enemies does not matter. Only the Protect Break Stats

But as a sample of what I'm able to look at from this GUI:

Npc Type: Boss
Designator: 0x73
Level: 13
Data Bug Boss Transformation: 0x71 Stone Tuttle

HP 20169
SP 1090

Attack 129
Defense 610
Accuracy 215
Evade 40
M.Attack 75
M.Defense 96
M.Accuracy 114
M.Evade 14
Gan Wave 67
Rue Wave 52
Vak Wave 52
Juk Wave 13
Rai Wave 52
Ani Wave 52
Soul Defense 1000
Body Defense 1000

Life Drain % Chance 0
Skill Drain % Chance 0
Critical Hit % Chance 0
Death % Chance 0
No Damage % Chance 0

Protect Break Counter 2000
Physical Attack Break Counter 410
Magical Attack Break Counter 660
Note: Damage done to these Values ignore Enemy Defense Values.

Data Drain Item 1 - Type 0x0F Key Items
Data Drain Item 0x0D
Data Drain Item 2 - Type 0x0F Key Items
Data Drain Item 0x0D
Data Drain Item 3 - Type 0x0F Key Items
Data Drain Item 0x0D

Tolerances: 0x00 Nothing

Attack Speed 0x3C
Attack 1 Damage Type 0x05 Earth Physical
Attack 2 Damage Type 0x05 Earth Physical
Skill 1 0xC2 GiGan Don
Skill 2 0x00 Nothing (the skill)

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