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Hey together.

Please use these thread for any feedback, comments and critic, however if it´s positive or negative. Let us know what you found good or not good at Zocktoberfest Marathon 2018.
We´ll respond to any feedback starting from the next week.

Two topics:
- Mass Housing: We´ve planned with mass housing this year but it wasn´t possible; due to the location.
We´re looking for some solutions to offer you mass housing for next year (for runner, visitors and crewmember).

- Due to various reasos we wasn´t able to provide some NTSC-TV-devices this year.
We want to learn from our mistakes and will make these better in 2019. We know, that the NTSC-devices are very important.

We will thank you for any feedback that will reach us.
Only with your constructive critic we will be able to improve ourself and our events for you.