Any% - Speed 5 in 56m 58s by happycamper_happycamper_ (Obsolete)

Submitted by:
happycamper_happycamper_ on
Played on:
MS-DOS ᴇᴍᴜ on
Verified by
happycamper_happycamper_ on


Name Duration Finished at
low carb crab 3m 44s 000ms 3m 44s
squishy squid 3m 13s 000ms 6m 57s
Jabberwocky 4m 08s 000ms 11m 06s
just an ice block 5m 06s 000ms 16m 12s
one eyed dude 6m 45s 000ms 22m 57s
*insert famous soccer player name here* 7m 08s 000ms 30m 05s
a ddddragon 5m 25s 000ms 35m 31s
the princess is in another castle... 17m 31s 000ms 53m 02s
I'm too busy to marry 3m 55s 000ms 56m 58s
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