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Thread: 2 Thoughts on the hardcore category

Started by: IllimitusIllimitus

"Now on the other hand, if someone gets a better time on Hardcore than a Softcore run, then that could be considered regular any% as well as HC any%

I actually notice that on the rules for any% it says "Must be done on softcore." Honestly, I think that if someone has a PB or WR that is done on hardcore it should be considered any%, though Hardcore runs are almost always slower, so I'm not sure how much of an issue that really is anyway."

Exactly! HC runs should land into the Any% category too if they are faster (not in SC category, just Any%) and with Indrek's ground-breaking skills they can pretty much always be faster cuz he barely ever cares about dying.

If I had 20 categories where I would attempt to get a WR, it just doesn't make sense to repeat the exact same thing and do it all 40 times, with additional parachutes tied to you. It's completely pointless. I can really see how absurd it must be for Indrek to do the same thing twice, get an insane WR on HC difficulty, and see some sort of SC run being slower, and shown first by default to people.

If you just let his HC runs cover the SC/Any% ones by default, we would all save him so much time, and you would have far greater, far more spectacular HC WRs from him by this point.

btw, there is far greater pleasure of watching a sick HC run than SC one anyway.

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