Warps in 11m 27s* by lackattack24lackattack24 (Obsolete)

42348 frames with loads
1076 frames of loads
41272 frames without loads


Time with loads: 11m 45s

Character: Papa

Played on Famicom Disk System [JPN] on

Submitted by lackattack24lackattack24 on

Verified by lackattack24lackattack24 on


Name Duration Finished at
1-1 1m 10s 759ms 1m 10s
1-2 0m 44s 367ms 1m 55s
1-3 0m 31s 375ms 2m 26s
4-1 1m 06s 986ms 3m 33s
4-2 1m 06s 247ms 4m 39s
6-1 1m 20s 376ms 6m 00s
6-2 1m 12s 100ms 7m 12s
6-3 1m 06s 956ms 8m 19s
7-1 1m 12s 962ms 9m 32s
7-2 2m 13s 713ms 11m 45s
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