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It's time to start practising and get yourself ready to showcase the best Yu-Gi-Oh! speedruns!

Yu-Gi-Oh! speedruns contend with a lot of RNG - be it card draws, dice rolls, AI plays or more. It looks unreliable and inconsistent to others, oft neglected for marathon settings. Time to show the world that Yu-Gi-Oh! can be tamed by dedicated runners.

We encourage submissions from any video game within the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. All games and categories will be considered - there is a lot of variety to explore. The current plan is to run this as a 24-hour marathon with a more expansive marathon during the summer months.

We would ask that runners post a video of the run they wish to submit. I know I'm looking forward to seeing you all practise them over the coming months!

It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel.
Get your game on.
Let's rev it up.
I'm feeling the flow.
Swing into action.

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