How to join a Forbidden Memories race via SpeedRunsLive

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How to race Forbidden Memories on SpeedRunsLive

This guide already assumes that you have a way to stream the game, whether you're playing on console or emulator.

1.) Go to (this is the IRC channel that is used to organize races).

2.) Type in a nickname you want to be known as, and click connect.

3.) type /nickserv register password e-mail. Replace "password" with a password you want to associate with your new SpeedRunsLive account and "e-mail" with an email address you'd like to associate with the account. Hit enter.

4.) Your nickname should now be registered. When you join the IRC from here on out, type in the username and password you entered. (If you decide to set up a 3rd party IRC client, like mIRC, the servers are listed at the end of this guide, and to sign in, type /nickserv identify password).

5.) Now that you are in the IRC, you should see a lot of races. If you're setting this up ahead of time, the Forbidden Memories race does not yet exist. If that is the case, you're good to go for now. But you should familiarize yourself with the following instructions.

This is what you have to do on the day of the race:

If you are doing this on the day of the race and a channel for Forbidden Memories does exist, double click the server name next to the race title (should be #srl-xxxxx).

6.) Type in ".setstream STREAMURL" replacing STREAMURL with your Twitch.TV channel page URL. Put in the entire link (or you can just do "Twitch/username")

7.) On the day of the race, once you're in the Forbidden Memories race channel, type ".enter" to join the race. When you're totally ready to begin, you must signal this to everyone else by typing ".ready". Once everyone is ready, a bot will count down from 10 and the race begins.

8.) When you finish the race, type ".done". If you want to forfeit out of the race, type ".quit". If you'd like to associate a comment with your finished run (or your forfeitted one), type ".comment InsertCommentHere".

That's it! If you have any questions, reach out to ANY of the FM runners.

If you want to be in the big Discord call for the race, join the Forbidden Memories Discord server at

Good luck!

Servers for 3rd Party IRC Clients

New York—
Channel— #speedrunslive