Suggesting new categories
2 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

A lot of people like to suggest new categories for this game, so here are some things to consider before you suggest one:

  1. How unique is it? (Bad ex. Die to Gargaros is basically die to snartle)
  2. Is it something people would run (Bad ex. Hitless would be cool, but not something anyone would want to run)
  3. Does it make sense to be a category? (Good ex. Infinite Inferno because Wobblewok is considered the end boss of the post game; bad ex. Beat Snartle (not too significant). If you think your idea is good I recommend discussing it in the YW1 section of the Speedrun discord. If others agree and it is something other runners would be interested in running then start to make a route (best if done with a few other runners if possible). After that we will need a recording of the run, submit the recording to Nerdy or I and if all is good enough, it could be a new category.
Pennsylvania, USA

These are only my views on new categories. Ghoul and Nerdy (as well as potential future mods) may have different standpoints.

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I personally thin Infinite Inferno will be a great idea + i suggest a misc category where you beat Infinite Inferno completely maxed out. Time Starts when you start controlling Nathan (Starting on Infinite Inferno Eyepo) and ends on final hit on wobblewok.

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United Kingdom

Also about die to snartle this was just my idea and everyone else though it was good I'm surprised it's actually a category. Also I think infinite inferno misc. Category would be good (korebi41's idea but I also like the run where you beat it as post game)

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Over all new categories is one of my favourite things for a speedrun game

United Kingdom

I plan on coming back to this game

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