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Hey guys

So I want to work on a 100% route. I read the rules, but they don't say anything about Tonics, so here's my question: Tonics are allowed, right? Not allowing them would be weird, because they aren't cheating, they are a legal option in the game. However, one has to start at zero and since they are unlocked forever (unless you uninstall the whole game) you could have to accomplish the requirements for each tonic before you're allowed to use it.
So what are the rules regarding tonics?

My second question: How exactly does In-Game Time work?
Is the pausing screen part of the In-Game Time?
Is the Menu part of the In-Game Time? (Just in case resetting might be a thing or sth)
Loading times are not AFAIK, but what about entering a world? Is only the loading screen cut out or also the animation when the book closes?

Pls clear up, thanks! =)


I'll see how I go answering some of the questions.

So yes, Tonics are allowed in runs. And you can start the run with them already unlocked. As you know Tonic progression is carried over between global saves on your account, and to clear it you would have to uninstall the entire game, or do some backscreen work in Steam files. No thanks; so just have the ones you want unlocked before starting a run.

The IGT isn't exactly known. But we do know it runs during all cutscenes, even the final cutscene after Capital B's defeat. Menuing and loads, not too sure. However this is irrelevant because we do not use IGT as a measure here, it's too inaccurate.

When it comes to timing methods here; Console is using RTA. And PC is using RTA (temporarily) until we have a working Load-Removal script for Livesplit. So yeah, the IGT isn't necessary.

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I'm quite interested in a 100% route. Any % runs aren't something I would like to do. I'm happy for any informations about that.


It's a lot of work and to be honest, I haven't even started yet.
But as soon as it's done and faster than other routes that may exist until then, I'll definitely post it here!