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So I've been working on routing RBO, and I've gotten it down to about 2h, though the route should be easily done in sub 2h. Since true RBO is possible, I figured it wouldn't make much sense to pursue the RBO without Cap B first which was how I ran it the first time.

I don't know all of the technical information about the route yet, I've kind of just been wingin' it. Also, in my latest attempt, I forgot to grab a lot of pagies and I also recommend not picking up the Nimble 2 pagie, instead get the underwater pagie in TT.

Here's the latest route with tons of mistakes:

Here's an outline of the route, I may have missed some things:

Some notes:

-You need a total 170 quills for the whole run to buy Sonar Shot(30), Slurp Shot(30), Buddy Slam(30) and Reptile Rush(80)

-27 Pagies required to fight Planette, so the sooner you collect those, the faster you can get to her.

-It is not necessary to waste pagies on expanding Moody Maze and Cashino

-It is not necessary, nor advisable to expand Glitterglaze in your second visit as it would waste 5 pagies that you'd have to go through the palace to get prior to fighting Planette.

-You might pickup 2-3 extra pagies as you defeat the bosses. There is 1 almost unavoidable on the way to Brrreeze