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Some Skips/Strategies

By J_duudeJ_duude Last updated

Soft Resets:
Can be executed by holding L, R, Start, and Select.
Soft resets will reset the game, but there are certain moments that these can be used as an advantage. When you finish a level, right as the results screen appears, you can do a soft reset, and head right back into your file. For most of the levels, this skips 3.5 seconds of loading, which adds up over time. Not only that, but if anyone wants to run 100%, soft resets can skip ALL bonus games, making it a lot less tedious. You just have to execute a soft reset as you always would.

3-1 Auto skip:

With 2 nearly frame perfect egg jumps you can skip the trigger for the autoscroller.
5-7 Flutter jumps:

3-7 Rising water room skip:

2-3 Baby Peach skip:

4-4 Skip:

3-2 skip part of auto scroller:
Near the end of the autoscroller the screen will pan to a key door. On the top of the pole to the right you can shoot an egg straight up revealing a spring, use it to enter a pipe then enter out through the other side and you'll save 20 seconds.
3-6 Metal Door skip:
There is a gate in 3-6 which can only be opened by hitting M blocks and then dragging a metal block on a switch. There is a vine above the switch, and there is a ledge there that brings you around the gate. Instead of opening the gate, you can run from the stork stop nearby and jump onto the ledge as Baby Mario, and go around the gate. This saves about 25 or so seconds.
5-3 Backup strategy:
If you miss your ride in 5-3 when you have the key near the start, you can enter the door at the bottom and then exit to get your ride back faster, this saves 5 or so seconds of waiting.

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