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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Forum  /  [Ban/Reject Appeal] Template for those wishing to contest bans/rejects
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There may be times when a person is banned from the leaderboards. We strongly feel that accusations of cheating are very serious and this forum is the place to make a public response and/or appeal if you believe you have been unfairly judged.
Internal moderator discussion itself is not public, only specific reasons/examples for bans will be public record.
THERE NEED NOT BE ANY FORUM DISCUSSION BEFORE MODS REJECT A RUN OF YOURS OR BAN YOU. This information is purely for those who have been banned/rejected and want a proper response, or an appeal, all on public record.

1. Put [Ban Appeal] or [Reject Appeal] in your thread title
2. Present your case (likely countering arguments against you)

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