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Rejected: Was this a Warpless run? Beat Bowser is a totally different category Also, running on emulator is fine but we need to know which emulator you used. Only Snes9x versions 1.51, 1.53 and 1.54 are accepted. All others are banned because they have less lag than console.

I am sorry,

I m new to the community. My run has been performed on the Version 1.56, so I am out. I tried to submit the run as an any% run, I dont know about any glitches or so, I do a lot of flies, on enemy jumps to get over some obsticles, but I really dont know how to submit it as the right run. There are only 3 options: Magic / Credits / Bowser.

So if i try my luck next time, on like let's say v 1.54, what I have to type in, not to get refused?

Thanks for your help 🙂


You'll want to submit your run to the "Warpless" category. it's still Any% but it doesn't use any big glitches like the Any% Magical Journey, Credits Warp or Beat Bowser categories. Also, be sure to include the emulator and version you're playing on in your run description 😃


The mods just decided that snes9x 1.56 is okay for runs, so if you resubmit your run in the warpless category I think you should be good.

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Thanks! 🙂 I hopefully resubmitted the run in the correct category for now, also included the version and type of my emulator. cheers!

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