Tutorial IL Leaderboard
California, USA

"Welcome to Yoshi's Island" counts as a level, right? Would be well appreciated if it were added to the list of Level Leaderboards along with the rest, that's all. Current WR is here:

Edit: Rules for that particular IL is explained in the description of the video.


I sort of made up a timing thing, first frame it begins to fade out. Going by this. i timed yours to be a 14.31 seconds. I then did it myself, timing a 12.69 seconds.

edit cause math was wrong


Made a TAS of this for lols, going over text box is hard but possible.

North Carolina, USA

Considering the tutorial is played in 0 categories, i'm not adding it. If another mod wants to, have fun.


i know theres no boards, so ill just put it here that i did it again, faster