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Thread: Roxy's speech different?

Started by: ClassicGameDadClassicGameDad

Good eye! For 1 player speedruns, it's recommended to use Ryan instead of Alex because both Roxy and Simon had less to say to him, saving about 8 seconds in total.

It's weird that they don't have as much to say to Ryan. After all, it's his girlfriend that was kidnapped!

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Thread: Stunlocks

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

I can confirm the "sweet spot" concept that Niss3 is talking about.

For a while, I was having trouble with consistency in the final round of the Blade fight. I was convinced that I simply couldn't mash fast enough to get the second hit to land, but that wasn't fixing the problem.

I think there are five windows where you can hit a boss in the last round (with the chain specifically, as it has the best hurtbox), that have varying results:
1) Too close - If you're on top of him two much, your first hit will land, but your second hit will likely be greeted with a jump kick to the face.
2) Just close enough - If your sprite and the boss's sprite are RIGHT next to each other (without signficant overlap), your 3 hits will land and kill him. A slight variation to this is that the boss will jump after your first hit lands, and the 2nd hit will connect in the air and kill him. This is my preferred location for Blade/Turk.
3) Right in the middle - This is where I often found myself. You aren't too close, and you aren't too far. This feels like a safe distance to guarantee the first hit. However, he will block the second hit every time, and may continue to block as long as he feels like.
4) Just far enough away - This position places you at a distance from the boss of slightly less than the chain's reach [This is also a great distance for clearing "trash" gang members, as they aren't programmed to block you from this far away]. This is very precise, too, as you need to be just close enough that the 3rd hit will just barely reach the boss with the chain, as he gets knocked back with each hit. If you watch Niss3's sub-7 run, he finds this position perfectly for the Blade fight.
5) Too far away - Any amount of frames further away from the above will likely result in 2 hits on the boss, and the 3rd swing hitting nothing but air, as your first 2 hits knocked the boss back out of range. If you're lucky, you don't get kicked in the face immediately after that swing.

Niss3, I'm curious about the "Dash hit AFTER they rise!" approach. Seems less risky for sure, but I wonder how much slower it is (I'm assuming it's a little slower).


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Thread: Timing Verification Discrepencies

Started by: CapnGoofCapnGoof

Manually confirmed the discrepancy that CapnGoof noted in the 7:41 review.
Also confirmed Niss3's 7:29 time as good! Seems you've fixed it! Great time!


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Thread: Cartridge and ROM versions

Started by: CapnGoofCapnGoof


I tried this with the ROM I've had for years (can't confirm where I got it from, Modify Date is 6/17/2000 if it helps)

My old ROM:
Spawn: Generic Dudes
MD5: 54 1d 55 26 e0 da 2b da 59 b8 a9 0e dc 58 24 65

I also tested the Big 20 ROM on my system, and got the same first spawn/checksum that you got.

Naturally, I'd much rather have a ROM that spawns Frat Guys, because chains.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Edit: I tried a handful of different ROMs, but I only ever come up with the same two spawn/MD5 combos; the one you listed, and the one I listed. Always Dudes; never Frat. Bizarre.


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Thread: Official Timing Discussion

Started by: CapnGoofCapnGoof

Good evening, CapnGoof! I use LiveSplit, but I can't seem to get the times to go out three decimal places. So I can set my timer to -6.83, but not -6.833. I looked through the LiveSplit setting, looked around the LiveSplit site, and tried googling a bit, but couldn't figure out how (or if) LiveSplit can get that extra decimal.

Do you have any suggestions?